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  • 1. Career Assistance: We at Neethus study the student's brain, their deviation, their interests and council them which is best suited to them and also indicate the future path in one particular direction.

  • 2. Test Bookings: We book test dates in a convenient manner rating the students in their actual prep stage ie, we assess when would the student is ready to take a particular test.

  • 3. Country Selection: Apart from the student's selection we do guide them the best country for his/ her career for that particular academic interest at that particular time which is a complex issue where the student often ends up where he is uncomfortable.

  • 4. Course Selection: Again here, our councilors have a professional approach in rendering their services because unlike India, there are various courses in every domain and it's very tough to decide which the best is for a student basing on their background.

  • 5. University Assistance: Overseas Universities have their own fee structure and the popular idea one gets is that the more the fees the better the Universities, which is NOT always true.

  • 6.Scholarships Assistance: There are Millions and Millions in grant every year most of the universities grant to deserving student, again this is a very complex process where only an expert counselor can make the difference.

  • 7. Assistance ship: We all know that every course is open for an assistance ship but again only the best, only the deserving and the best are handpicked by the department or the Dean, and we groom you for that.

  • 8. Visa Assistance: Most of the countries need a face to face interview with the visa officer where many of the deserving fail after putting so many hours of pain and hardship. We at Neethus conduct mock interviews on phone and also in person so the student is mentally prepared for the big day and succeeds.

  • 9. Travel assistance: We prepare the student mentally to the country he/ she is travelling by booking stay for him, airport pickup, ticketing assistance etc.

  • 10. Application assistance: This is the MOST CRUCIAL of is like seeding a sapling in the concrete jungle... WE FILL THIS OUT FOR YOU basing on your background, interests etc.

  • 11. Essays and SOP: This is very crucial part of the application where the student has to write around 500 words originally from their heart and soul. This cannot be substituted by anyone else other than the student himself. Here we guide how to write an essay, a statement of purpose...putting their ideas into a piece of paper.

  • 12. Letter of Recommendation: This again is crucial which tells a lot about you...given by your professor or tutor, this will make or worse your career in the university. We tailor guide with templates so that your introduction to the Dean is quite impressive in words, which would be original without any execrations.